BER€™s patented drag system with adjustable tension and on/off switch for Professional Anglers is perfect for the angler who wants to bag more fish with the adjustable drag system without compromising the purist center pin feel.

Here are the 5 top reasons to use the drag system:

Reason #5 – Travel/transport/storage

The drag system acts dually as a drag system and €˜Clicker€™ for locking the spool from spinning during travel, transport, storage or even to setup and/or change bait.

Reason #4 –  Needing a €œthird hand€ while fighting a fish

I found myself in multiple scenarios over the years in tight spots with no one to help me while fighting a fish and inevitably as a result losing the battle;   Netting the fish, after fighting the fish for 10 -15 min, successfully tiring it I now found myself needing help or a third hand to net it.  Letting go of the spool with my left hand to use the net was tricky as my tired right hand now had to hold the 13.5€™ rod, reel and weight of the fish while my right fingers clamped down on the spool to keep it from spinning.  This not only drained me of strength but looked and felt clumsy as I was trying to guide the fish into my net.  On several occasions I lost the fish and when I did manage to land it, the fish was exhausted by the ordeal and could not be revived and released.

Upon setting the hook on a fish, it would charge up or down stream and I would have to follow.  Running through the water and navigating obstacles such as slippery rocks, boulders and tree stumps is always tricky enough and demands balance, but on occasion I would come to a tree or pole on the shoreline.  The river, perpendicular to this obstacle was deep and uninviting so my only options was to pass from land to go around the tree which presented its difficulties as both my hands were occupied holding and manually controlling the reel.  Once again I needed a third hand, to pass the rod from one hand to another around a 36€ diameter tree trunk, I had to clamp the spool down with my right hand fingers and pass the entire package to my left hand which I wanted to now accomplish the same task with.  My left hand stumbled, the spool spun out of control and the fish spit the hook out as soon as the line went slack.

Reason #3 – Fishing single digit temperatures means cold hands no matter how warm you are dressed.

Having your fingers exposed is unfortunately necessary for effectively handling the line and spool.  Sometimes my hands get so cold I cannot effectively use or feel my fingers and in this case using the drag system is a luxury feature.

Reason #2 – I have had days where I don€™t catch anything as I€™m sure all anglers have experienced.

As well, I have had days for the record book and I can€™t believe I will admit it, but I have found myself fatigued after catching and releasing 5 large fish in an hour.  In this circumstance I was glad to have the drag system just simply because my arms were so fatigued from fighting so many fish in a short period of time.

And the #1 reason to use the BER adjustable drag system is…

Reason #1 –  Travel. Easy transition to a Center Pin Reel from a traditional Spinning Reel.

Perfecting the free spooling action of a center pin is difficult, having the drag system and the ability to turn it on and off with an ergonomically located trigger switch allows the beginner angler a slow transition into the sport.

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