Taking Care Of Your BER Reel

Your BER Reel is a precision machinemuch like a fine watch.  It can be an heirloom shared from one generation to the next. We’ve put a lot of love into it crafting your BER Reel, and we want to help you take care of it.

Top 8 BER Reel Tips On How To Care For Your BER Reel By Ben Reubeni, CEO Of BER Reels.

  • Please protect it with its custom neoprene pouch. Why? You want to help avoid damages due to impact. You probably don’t want to scratch it either.

  • Put the pouch back on before you set your rod down to handle your catch or change your bait.

  • Try to avoid submerging your reel in the water. If you do, promptly take it apart and dry it off after use. Why? You don’t want the lime build up to affect performance.

  • Before storage, be sure that the drag tension is set on low-to-medium. Why? You want to help protect the spring mechanisms.
  • Never open the bearing retainer cap screws.
  • Watch the BER Reel Video on how to clean your reel.
  • We recommend you send your Ber Reel to the Ber Reel factory for a 20 point inspection on an annual basis. Every time you do, we’ll automatically extend your warranty. Fees may apply. Shipping fees extra.

  • Read your Warranty and Register your Ber Reel online.
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