Taking Care Of Your BER Reel

Your BER Reel is a precision machinemuch like a fine watch.  It can be an heirloom shared from one generation to the next. We’ve put a lot of love into it crafting your BER Reel, and we want to help you take care of it.

Top 8 BER Reel Tips On How To Care For Your BER Reel By Ben Reubeni, CEO Of BER Reels.

  • Please protect it with its custom neoprene pouch. Why? You want to help avoid damages due to impact. You probably don’t want to scratch it either.

  • Put the pouch back on before you set your rod down to handle your catch or change your bait.

  • Try to avoid submerging your reel in the water. If you do, promptly take it apart and dry it off after use. Why? You don’t want the lime build up to affect performance.

  • Before storage, be sure that the drag tension is set on low-to-medium. Why? You want to help protect the spring mechanisms.
  • Never open the bearing retainer cap screws.
  • Watch the BER Reel Video on how to clean your reel.
  • We recommend you send your Ber Reel to the Ber Reel factory for a 20 point inspection on an annual basis. Every time you do, we’ll automatically extend your warranty. Fees may apply. Shipping fees extra.

  • Read your Warranty and Register your Ber Reel online.
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Gift Packaging Of BER Reels

If your purchase is a gift, you can request special gift packaging. If your gift is a CUSTOM ORDER please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  If your order is a RUSH ORDER please contact the office to make sure that delivery can be made on time before you place your order. Extra fees may apply for rush orders that are not currently in stock. Please call our office prior to making your purchase for rush orders.

Abbecan Industries Inc does not assume responsibility for delivery times once the order is in the hands of the courier. Customers may track their orders online using the courier`s tracking code.

Upgrade to Special Gift Packaging $20.00
Include Card for Special Occasion $10.00

Personalizing Your BER Reels

You can personalize your reel. You may order 2- D Engraving or Laser Engraving : Front or Back:  Logos, initials, messages, phrases, etc.  Contact Ben for quotes. Prices may vary depending on complexity of the engraving.

Start Personalizing your reel!
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Warranty Information For BER Reels

BER Reels are manufactured in a 9001 ISO Certified facility. BER Reels is owned in whole by Abbecan Industries Inc. Abbecan Industries Inc warrants to the original purchaser that its BER Reels products are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Abbecan Industries Inc is not responsible for normal wear and tear, for products used commercially, or for failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse, or improper care.

Please read BER Reels official instructions on how to care for your real. VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREWS of the bearing retainer bushings. The BER Reel Warranty will be automatically null and void if there exists evidence that the screws of the bearing retainer bushings are tampered with.

Professional cleaning services and a quality control inspection can be performed by a certified BER Reel professional.  The fee is only $75.00 and will automatically extend your warranty another 2 years! Shipping charges may apply. Contact BER Reels at (888) 417 4411 to schedule your appointment.

There are no other express warranties beyond the terms of this limited warranty. In no event shall any implied warranties, including merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose, extend beyond the duration of the express warranty contained herein. In no event shall Abbecan Industries Inc be liable for incidental or consequential damages.


To send your BER Reel to our facility for warranty, maintenance or repair, please;
1) Call BER Float Reels to confirm authorization.
2) With your reel, include your Name, Physical address and Phone number.
3) Clearly label customs paperwork and the package exterior: "Canadian Goods Returning For Repair"
4) All shipments must be prepaid.
5) Shipments should be made either by registered mail or by courier.
Please do not use UPS when shipping to us.
A $50 processing and handling fee will be applied to each non-warranty related reel.
A representative from BER Float Reels will contact you for payment; Please do not send cash or cheque with your repair.

Shipping BER Reels

W E   W I L L   S H I P   A N Y W H E R E   I N   T H E   W O R L D

For USA  &  International customers only:  All shipments will be sent via courier only. You may select your preferred courier.

Using A Courier:

Duties, taxes and other charges might be due when importing a shipment from Canada.  Goods shipped by courier, express, or other commercial service usually are expedited by a customs broker hired by that commercial service and then delivered seamlessly to your door. There are a number of different charges associated with these services, including shipping and handling, the fees charged by the service for clearing the merchandise, as well as any customs duty and processing fees that may be owed on your importation.

Using a Courier affords you seamless delivery. All you have to do is sign for the package when it arrives. In most cases delivery is quick and reliable. When there's a problem, there is a tracking number that can help resolve the matter.

If you would like a quote on shipping your item internationally, please contact our office at (888) 417 4411.

Responsible Party:
Duties and taxes on international shipments will be billed automatically to the recipient. Some countries and or couriers may want payment in advance of shipping. Please inquire with our office or your preferred courier for more information.

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