Partners Deal

When customizing either a Drag or Dragless reel the base price includes one (1) anodized color so, you will notice the price increases by $300 Canadian dollars when you introduce a second anodizing color. This is to satisfy the minimum charge we incur with the Anodizer.  That being said, I would like to introduce the “Partners Deal”. Whether it’s your significant other or a best fishing buddy, this deal essentially saves you $600 Canadian dollars for the package!

Build yourself a reel all one color and a different color for the second reel, then when I assemble I will mix up all the components therefore creating two mirror imaged 2 toned reels. This deal bypasses the $300 premium times two (×2)!!!!
Some essential criteria required for this deal to work are as follows;

  • Both reels must be either Drag or Dragless.
  • Both reels must be the same model.